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Welcome to Fridahild!


Our desire was to sew classic and simple garments from natural materials that are comfortable to wear and beautiful to look at. They should be combinable, versatile and complement each other well. When browsing through old picture and sewing books, we liked many “nostalgic” cuts straight away: comfortable bloomers, adorable rompers, classic dresses or blouses. Based on these inspirations, we sewed, tried on and adapted. 


People often asked where this clothing had been bought. When we answered that it was "homemade", we asked if we could order something like this. And so, very slowly, just like the garments themselves, the idea of trying the risk developed: Our goal was to find a small sewing workshop in Europe with which we have personal contact. It was important for us to know who sews the Fridahild garments and under what conditions. And that this manual work is paid fairly. We also attach great importance to the careful selection of the fabrics used: high-quality, natural materials such as linen from Lithuania, Liberty London-  or cotton fabrics_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_are made into special "little people" clothes. 


Anyone who has ever sewn themselves knows about the many work steps and the time that is involved in this activity, but also how much leftover material accumulates little by little... For many Fridahild hair clips or bows, precisely these "leftovers" are still collected, ironed and repeated cut before they are used. They complement the clothes perfectly, especially if they are made from the same Liberty fabrics! The hair clips, braid rings and bows are handmade by us in Vienna in several steps. 


Thank you for visiting Fridahild, thank you for your support, thank you for every purchase and the many motivating feedback over the past few months! 


Nils Knapp 

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