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Classic, two-piece pajamas made of red and white striped cotton fabric with a white collar and wooden buttons.


100% cotton cotton

Washing recommendation: 30 degrees




Waist circumference (elastic not stretched)

Size 2-3 years: 50cm

Size 3-4 years: 50cm

Size 4-5 years: 52cm

Size 5-6 years: 52cm


Pants length (crotch to hem of pants legs)

Size 2-3 years: 28cm

Size 3-4 years: 35cm

Size 4-5 years: 40cm

Size 5-6 years: 44cm


Pajama top length:

Size 2-3 years: 40cm

Size 3-4 years: 44cm

Size 4-5 years: 48 cm

Size 5-6 years: 51cm

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